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    Elcassette is Maria Cincotta on guitar and synthesizer and Elke Brams on the drums. Their music is an unapologetic combination of indie rock, riot grrrl, and experimental pop colliding with electro surprises. With songs ranging in subject matter from love and death to dyke bars and domestic violence, the words catch the listener off-guard with brash honesty.
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elcassette's debut album...


released April 1, 2011


all rights reserved



elcassette München, Germany

elcassette is Maria Cincotta on guitar, ukulele, melodica and synthesizer and Elke Brams on drums, synthesizer, cajon and guitar. Both sing. Their music is an unapologetic combination of indie rock, riot grrrl, experimental pop and electro surprises.


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Track Name: no way to stay
No Way To Stay: It’s strange; we’re just born to die. We don’t know when, we don’t know why. It’s something we’re all heading for. There’s no way to anticipate what’s in store. I’m kind of scared; there’s no way to stay. But if you’ll join me, I’ll be okay. It’s one thing that we all share. We don’t know a bit about where we’re ending up ultimately. We’ve just got to wait and see. * There’s no use conjecturing the answers to this crazy thing; this life, this death, no clue, just go. Don’t stop to interrogate the flow. * Where will we go, when it’s all through? Don’t matter now, if it’s with you. * Don’t fuck it up. We only have one chance in this life. Don’t fuck it up. There’s no going back.
Track Name: dyke bar
Dyke Bar: You were hanging by the bar, just chatting with some dame. I walked up to you and I cut in on your game. I said, “Baby, got the time?” She said, “I got the time for you.” So we checked out of that bar, there was nothing you could do. You walked into a club, just to try and strut your stuff. You moved around the floor, didn’t know when was enough. Parked yourself by Janie, said, “Hey girl, you lookin’ fine.” Janie looked you up and down, she said, “Didn’t you read the sign?” You walked into the wrong bar, baby. Did you think it was ladies’ night? It’s ladies’ night all the time up in here; you’re in a dyke bar, baby, and it’s alright. You snuck into a dive ‘cause you heard the music pumpin’, your jaw dropped into your lap, ‘cause the booties were a’bumpin’. You got next to a lady, started grinding on her bum. She turned around and said, “Are you slow, or you just dumb?”
Track Name: total conflict
Total Conflict: You say it’s just a phase, blind to what you can’t accept. I’ve got my, I’ve got my sanity to protect. But thanks for bringing me up to think for myself. That’s why I can put all your values on the shelf. I’m coming up with something new that works for me. I’m figuring out a way to be happy. Might not fit into your paradigm, might not fit into your paradigm. I don’t owe you anything, since you’ve forsaken me. I’m finished with regrets; I’m over feeling guilty.
Track Name: i don't give a fuck
I Don’t Give a Fuck: There was a time when you were mine, but that time is forbei since you spit in my eye. There was a game that we used to play. I’m through with the games, yeah, that shit’s in my way. There was a time you could’ve begged me to stay, but I don’t give a fuck about you anymore. I used to listen for your footsteps, couldn’t fall asleep without having you near. I used to long for the taste of your mouth; now I prefer a glass of beer. Thought you were the reason why I was queer, but I don’t give a fuck about you anymore. Why did you step into my world, to mess with my mind, to tear up my heart? At least I know what I don’t want, and that’s the best place for me to start. I used to defend you to my friends, but that time’s reached an end, I ain’t on the defense. Now I get it; I won’t forget it. Their suspicions made perfect sense. I’m not sitting on the fence, ‘cause I don’t give a fuck about you anymore.*** I’m sick of seeing you in my neighborhood. It’s time for you to leave. Am I understood? This breakup is for good, ‘cause I don’t give a fuck about you anymore.
Track Name: bi-mart
Bi-Mart: I went down the Bi-Mart parking lot, biked alongside you as you walked. Looked at you as you gazed off into space, nothing to say, but we talked and talked. Yeah, I like you and you like me, too, nothing more and nothing less, more and nothing less. We walked along the secret path, winding through the still black night. I made you kiss me where no one saw us, made you kiss me hard, out of spite. Yeah, I like you and you like me, too, nothing more and nothing less, more and nothing less, but sometimes I feel stronger about you when you undress. And then you ran away, without a word, without a sound, cut right out of the situation, left my brain alone to pound.
Track Name: planewreck
Planewreck: It’s late, and you’re a thousand miles away. Hope it works, and you see another day. Take your time, and defy gravity. Let that plane deliver you right back to me. Turbulence destroys my trust. A mile high in the sky and it’s a bust. Worst-case scenario, you come tumbling down. Remember I love you before… I’m here lying in bed waiting for you. Don’t want to get that call that tells me what I already knew. Lost at sea between two points never to be found. Can’t grasp the truth: you won’t be coming around… Don’t know your life hangs by a thread. Not thinking back, just looking ahead. A moment is too short to change your destiny. When you go, will you be thinking of me?
Track Name: DV
DV: It could happen to you. You’re not invincible. Stop pointing the finger; that’s not helpful. You think it only happens to others, the poor, the straight, unwed mothers. You think it can’t touch you? You’re wrong. You can’t always be that strong. D.V.- what does it stand for? Domestic violence! D.V.- so what’s the point? To stop the silence! When it comes to pass, you won’t be the last. Don’t wait until then to speak out against it.
Track Name: naked
Naked: I’ll have you know in advance I wanna take off your pants. I don’t think it’s rude that I wanna see you nude. I think it’s only fair that I take off your underwear. I took off mine long ago, now I’m all ready to go. Get naked with me tonight, yeah, yeah, get naked with me tonight. I wanna touch you all over, make you feel alright. Get naked with me tonight. I’m sick of all this waiting and anticipating the point of consummation and deep penetration. The way that you smell makes me horny as hell. Yeah, I know you’re afraid, but I wanna get laid. * Would you really care if I touched you down there? I wanna get it on; we’ll be doing it ‘til dawn. Already in a sweat, yeah, you really get me wet. You make my blood pound; I wanna push you to the ground. Yeah, I like you a lot. I think you can tell by now how I feel. And when I hold your hand, I know that what’s between us is real. I look into your eyes, and see that you like me. My heart skips a beat. I kinda like it when I can touch you all over. Yeah, I feel the heat. * I know you think I’m pure, but I’m ready, I’m sure, to be dirty and sick and do things to your (what?) And you can touch me, too, that’s what I want you to do. And then we can do more on the couch and on the floor.
Track Name: what time will allow
What Time Will Allow: I’ve got an everlasting hunger that cuts me like a knife. I’ve got the longing to know what is wrong and what is right. I need to hear right now what direction I should take, ‘cause when I go down, you’re gonna crumble in my wake. ‘Cause we’ve got just one life to play with, unless you’d like to betray myth. We’ve only so much time to breathe, before we’re called out to leave. Don’t know what you believe, but I believe in now. I’m trying to conceive what time will allow. It’s not every day you’re singing your own song. It’s damned near impossible to be so crazy strong. There’s an ache that will break every valve of my heart, if I don’t uncover the most important part. *** Every minute that goes by, I recognize, is a minute less of life, I’m closer to demise. The days are getting shorter. It’s time to decide, am I living my life, or am I just along for the ride? There’s just so much pressure to find out where you belong; after years of searching, don’t want to find out you were wrong. The answer’s not static; it’s changing all the time. It’s so hard to capture the curves of life’s designs.
Track Name: tomorrow
Tomorrow: Shortly before the end of the world, I wanted to know what to expect. After the laughter and the tears, is there anything left to protect? How will we know when it’s all through, will it crumble and disappear? Or will it explode with a great big bang, something so loud you can hardly hear? Are you ready for the end, have you said your prayers, have you had enough adventures, done away with your cares? Found the meaning of life and sorted out your heart, loved and lost and been torn apart? Someday we’ll leave reality, disappear without a trace, share a kiss with infinity, fall out into endless space. Savor the moments that you still have. Forget about tomorrow. No one knows it quite for sure; it just might be time to go. *